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Estate Planner Southfield MI

Many people believe that an Estate Planner Southfield MI is only necessary for the elderly, retirement-aged individuals, and those with vast accumulations of wealth. This common misconception couldn’t be further from the truth. Although wealth preservation and tax planning Southfield MI are very legitimate and valuable reasons for creating an estate plan, an estate plan is needed by all who want to ensure that their wishes and desires regarding their assets and families are heard and adhered to, not only upon passing, but also during life.If your looking for help with Estate Planner Southfield MI then give us a call today.
Today, at the Nakisher Law Firm, we carry on the firm's tradition of providing compassionate Estate Planner Southfield MI service to our clients with all of their estate planning Southfield MI, administration, business planning, and elder law needs Southfield MI. Our Estate Planner firm is made up of experienced attorneys who are here to assist our clients with their estate planning and other legal needs.

Andrew's passion for helping others as an estate planning and elder law attorney Southfield MI stems from his previous experience in the healthcare field. By helping his clients plan for the future and by providing them with Estate Planner solutions when they need it most, Andrew finds his career as fulfilling and rewarding as it is challenging.