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When assisting our elderly clients, protecting their wishes and wellbeing with estate planning, trusts, wills, or Medicare/Medicaid guidance, Novi families call The Nakisher Law Firm. If you have a loved one in a nursing home or long-term care facility, or a family member who's preparing to enter a similar living situation, our legal services may match your goals.

We understand the proven legal methods for saving assets while applying for Medicaid's long-term coverage. Not protecting yourself or your family could result in a loss of assets or all of an inheritance.

The Nakisher Law Firm has decades of combined experience in asset protection, Medicaid qualification, and we offer estate planning solution customized to your needs. Also, we're knowledgeable in veteran's benefits law and how it impacts families. We make sure that you understand all of your benefits and know whether you're eligible for assisted living or home care compensation.

Protecting Your Assets

Elder Law Novi MI - Wills & Trusts - Nakisher Law Firm - Wills

Our mission throughout our elder law services is to provide you with peace of mind. This is especially important when those we care about are afflicted with long-term illness. We've seen how these situations impact familes.

We also know that advancements in medical care can prolong these scenarios, as each generation is living longer. With those advancements in medicine come unique challenges. The Nakisher Law Firm provide estate planning, disability, Medicaid assistance and legal solutions that address the risks that increased longevity can pose for families. Our hope is that you benefit from our wealth of experience.

Here are additional legal services that we specialize in administering:


This document states how you want your assets distributed and is a popular tool in estate planning. Most people have a will to avoid their assets going into probate.

Living Will

The living will is related to healthcare and states how you want your medical care conducted if you are unable to dictate it for yourself.

Last Will and Testament

This document states your assets, properties, and distribution of that wealth when you pass-away. The last will and testament is commonly referred to as a 'will'.


Unlike wills, trusts distribute your assets while you are living. You get to determine many of the legal stipulation for this document. Your trust can have many beneficiaries, but our clients typically names two or three.

Living Trust

As the term suggests, 'living trusts' are unique types of trusts. They help avoid probate and guarantee that if you become ill or are unable manage your wealth, they will be used in a way that benefits you and your family the best.

Revocable Living Trust

This legal document is used to avoid court supervised process of wrapping your estate - also known as "probate."

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