Coronavirus and Estate Planning: Finding Peace of Mind

Everything is fluid.  As we all know the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic is spreading around the world.  News, advice and information is rapidly changing from day to day, hour to hour and minute to minute.  Do everything they are recommending and do it often.  The future is uncertain.

This is a reminder to make sure your affairs are in order.  No one likes to think of their own mortality, and that is why most people procrastinate in preparing their estate plan. 

To our clients and friends, there are steps you can take to have peace of mind. 

We joke with our clients, once your estate plan is finished, you will never need it and now live forever.  Here’s what you should do.

Find your estate planning documents and review them.  This easy step can quickly relieve stress and anxiety in the event of a crisis.

Talk to your people.  Communicate to your patient advocate (Patient Advocate Designation/Medical Power of Attorney and your agent (Durable Power of Attorney) the roles they play in your estate plan.

Prepare your people.  Make sure to give your health care provider a copy of your Medical Power of Attorney.  Give a HIPAA Medical Release to your people, which allows them to talk to doctors and hospitals.  To promote social distancing, fax or email these documents.  If you are unable to do so, we may be able to assist with that process.

The other stuff.  A Will or Living Trust will allow you to make sure your assets will be under the control of people you trust and your assets will go the people you want, the way you want.  Having a Living Trust will allow you to avoid the time-consuming and expensive probate court process.

Let us know if you need help making changes to your documents or if you need help putting them in place.  We are happy to have documents prepared and sent electronically for your execution.

There isn’t much we can control in the world right now.  Take control of something that will give you peace of mind and have your estate plan in place. 

Please call or email if we can support your preparation efforts.

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