Trust Administration

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Our team will be your trusted partners in administering a trust every step of the way.

When a loved one passes away with a properly-funded living trust, there is generally no need for probate. There are still many duties that the successor trustee must undertake while acting as a fiduciary of the trust. 

Although these duties are similar to those required in a probated estate, there is usually no need for court involvement. If you are named as the successor trustee in someone’s trust and don’t have the time, patience or personal knowledge to carry out your duties, the estate attorneys at the Nakisher Law Firm can help. 

Duties as a Beneficiary: As a trust beneficiary, you have the right to be informed regarding the administration of a trust. This includes the right to request a copy of the trust document, to receive annual accountings and inventory of the trust and to be notified of any trustee compensation (if applicable). 

Duties as a Trustee: The trustee is responsible for administering a trust in good faith and in agreement with its terms and purposes, in accordance with the law and for the benefit of the beneficiaries under the trust. 

There are many responsibilities and rights that go into the administration of a trust for a trustee and beneficiary. To learn more about trusts and your rights, contact our firm today for a complimentary consultation.